SAR Helo Training

Every year the Search and Rescue team I volunteer with collaborates with other Northern CA SAR teams to hold a weekend of helo training up in Ukiah. The SAR and California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) teams spend extensive training on how to: safely get on and off different helicopters in varied terrain, safely transport patients in litter carriers, and how to withstand the impressive winds and power these machines produce. Watching the CARDA team manage their brave dogs in extremely loud environments with extraordinary wind is beyond a sight to see. We run through scenarios on Black Hawks, Life Flight, and Bell helicopters.       

8-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
1-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
3-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
2-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
5-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
search-and-rescue-carda-dog SAR HELO
2-search-and-rescue-litter-carry SAR HELO
9-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
3-search-and-rescue-litter-carry SAR HELO
6-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
4-search-and-rescue-helicopter SAR HELO
1-search-and-rescue-litter-carry SAR HELO