camp fire

These are images captured while volunteering with my Search and Rescue team in Paradise, CA in the days following the Camp Fire. The destruction of the fire and complete decimation of Paradise, Magalia, and Concow was indescribable. I’m proud to have witnessed such incredible strength in people from all over the state of California coming together to try and bring any amount of peace possible to the people in these communities. Herculean efforts were made in the largest SAR effort since 911, and the largest in California state history.

This was not a wildfire, it was a widespread urban wildfire.

001-squashed Camp Fire
008-squashed Camp Fire
003-squashed Camp Fire
002-squashed Camp Fire
031-squashed Camp Fire
028-squashed Camp Fire
013-squashed Camp Fire
030-squashed Camp Fire
017-squashed Camp Fire
014-squashed Camp Fire
027-squashed Camp Fire
026-squashed Camp Fire
020-squashed Camp Fire
011-squashed Camp Fire
002-squashed-1 Camp Fire
001-squashed-1 Camp Fire